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Ranking: The best residence halls at UH

Cougar Place is one housing option available to sophomores and above, or any student over 20 years old. | Raphael Fernandez/The Cougar

As students settle into their dorms, many have already developed their own thoughts and feelings about their residence halls. 

The University provides an extensive list of housing options and within a four year period, experiencing all the options is out of the question. 

The Cougar created a poll asking students to rank four of the residence halls on campus. It was a close race but here are the results of the poll.

No. 1 University Lofts

With the option to have your own bedroom and a view of downtown for some units, it is no surprise that The Lofts are a student favorite. The Nook, Pink’s and Domoishi are right around the corner for any quick runs and a store on the first floor means you won’t leave the building unless it’s for classes. 

You must be over 21 years old or junior standing to be able to live at The Lofts so no rowdy freshmen are allowed unless someone has the personality of one. 

No. 2 Cougar Place

Cougar Place can be seen an upgraded version of the freshman living situation. Instead of sharing two bedrooms among four people, there are four private bedrooms that are shared among four people. Only sophomores or students older than 20 can choose Cougar Place as their home for the year. 

It’s right next to the Cougar Woods Dining Commons and a close distance away from the science and engineering buildings for STEM students. 

No. 3 Cougar Village 

Freshman only housing options include Cougar Village I and II, so students may have a variety of memories at these dorms ranging from fond and embarrassing moments. This housing location is right across from Moody Towers Dining Commons and a short walking distance from Cougar Grounds and all the essential locations including the M.D. Anderson Library and the Student Centers. 

The main difference between the villages is that Cougar Village I has its toilet and bath together while Cougar Village II has them separated on opposite ends of the floor plan.

This housing option can be a key part to building your character as a freshman. 

No. 4 The Quad

The Quad is similar to Cougar Place as it has four single bedrooms shared among four students and is right next to Cougar Woods. You must also be a sophomore or older than 20 to live at The Quad. 

The rooms are equipped with a full size bed for a comfy night of rest and the rooms also have the toilet and bath separated. 

The Quad also has the option to live at a townhouse building where meal plans are not required.

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