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Students take advantage of early, on-campus voting

Students can vote early until Nov. 4 at the Space City room | Lisa El-Amin/The Cougar

Early voting has begun and students have started lining up to cast their votes for governor, county judge, attorney general and numerous other positions.

This year’s ballot consists of nearly 100 different positions and stances, but all voters registered in Harris County can easily complete their ballot in Student Center South at the Space City room until Nov. 4.

Theater junior Ashley Vorrell has utilized the campus polls multiple times and has never spent more than 10 minutes in line. Voting is an important right to exercise once you turn 18, according to Vorrell.

“I think that no matter what, anybody voting is good and I really loved voting here early,” Vorrell said.

Theater acting junior Karina Eulloqui voted early due to its convenience and ability to be heard. With this generation’s voice being silenced, Eulloqui wanted to vote for minorities and women.

“We need to take that power back by reaching our representatives and voting on things that we think would help us as a whole,” Eulloqui said.

If you wait until Election Day to cast your vote, the on-campus voting will move from the Space City room to the Houston room. To check your voter registration status, go to

“Come out and vote,” participating judge Renata Smith said. “Every vote counts and every vote matters.”

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