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‘Black Adam’ displays family ties, fate with star-studded cast

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DC’s newest release, “Black Adam,” hit theaters this past Friday and has left quite an impression on audiences. 

With a 41 percent Tomatometer and 90 percent audience score, the film features big-named stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Noah Centineo and Viola Davis alongside the young Bodhi Sabongui who plays Amon– one of the anti-hero’s biggest supporters throughout the film. 

While the moments of comedic relief and the message of perseverance are enjoyable to digest, the storyline felt all over the place and hard to follow at times for the average viewer. Here are my spoiler-free, unfiltered thoughts on DC’s “Black Adam.”

For those who are unfamiliar, “Black Adam” tells the not-so-typical origin story of heroism in the fictional city of Kahndaq where people are forced into submission by a king in pursuit of demonic powers. 

Teth-Adam, as he is referred to before developing his heroic persona, is bestowed powers by the Council of Wizards until his quick imprisonment. 

Once released 5,000 years later, he is seen to be a threat by Intergang (Kahndaq’s newest oppressors) and the Justice Society which steps in to maintain what they deem global peace. 

This team includes Hawkman, Atom Smasher, Cyclone and Doctor Fate, all of whom unknowingly are not welcome to Kahndaq by its people who are tired of “heroes.”

 Teth-Adam proves ruthless against his enemies but does so out of necessity. The dynamic between him and the Justice Society is one to pay mind to. 

Two major themes of “Black Adam” are family ties and fate. Both the story of Teth-Adam in old Kahndaq and Amon’s connection with his mother are central to their strength as characters in need of a revolution. 

As for fate, Doctor Fate quite literally goes against his name and emphasizes that the future is not determined but rather has the potential to be changed. The film itself, while not executed as seamlessly as it could have been, does include these important messages with the underlying idea that anyone has the potential to be a hero.

“Black Adam” tells a unique story of the people’s champion who will do anything in the name of their liberation. In all honesty, it was difficult to take The Rock seriously in a role as distinctive as this one; however, I still believe it is worth the watch for anyone who is a DC universe fan. 

This is only the beginning as DC has several films to come in 2023. If nothing else, I ask you to consider this one thought while watching: “It is Black Adam’s darkness that lets him do what heroes like you cannot,” which encapsulates the blurring of lines within this film quite perfectly.

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