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SGA aims to reinforce resources for religious organizations

The Student Government Association will be creating a bill in support of religious groups. | Logan Linder/The Cougar

A welcome departure from their hectic meetings, SGA’s smooth Wednesday night meeting sparked a bill protecting religious organizations.

Originally up for a first read, the Religious Support Resolution was better received by the Senate as a bill. Co-authors President Joshua Martin and Vice President Derek Layne will work to form the resolution into a bill, which will aim to reinforce the resources available to students involved in religious organizations and ensure they feel safe around campus.

“It’s not necessarily about changing, it’s about advocating for the different services on campus that we can use to support each and every student regardless of their religious beliefs,” Martin said.

Students Ayanna Chavez and Pranjal Sheth were unanimously not confirmed for positions on the Campus Recreation Advisory Board and the Student Fees Advisory Committee, respectively.

Fresh off his homecoming king win, Navid Hasan was up for reappointment to the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee, but was one vote short of renewing his term. Kevin Velasco was also not approved for a position on TPAC.

Graduate students Kenny Huynh and Mitchelle Ostolaza were approved to serve on CRAB, with LaVonte Holt confirmed for the University Hearing Board and Rothnica Marin approved for the Student Housing and Residential Life Advisory Committee.

“I wanted to thank everybody tonight for having great conversation,” Benedict said. “We asked a lot of great questions to these people and this is something I’d like to see you know, continuing on and going forward, because we really did have some great questions tonight.”

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