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Applying to graduate school: The basics

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Now that you’ve decided to go to graduate school, it’s time for one of the most important steps: applying.

Hopefully you’ve already decided which program to apply to but if not, there are over 150 options at UH. From physics to hospitality management to modern and classical languages, you are bound to find the perfect fit.

The application process is different depending on if you’re going the typical graduate school route, or if you’re going into a professional program like law or pharmacy.

If applying to a professional program, follow the directions on their respective pages, as their requirements are different from the regular graduate programs.


Before beginning the application process, have all the necessary documents on hand to make your overall experience easier.

For starters, you need your official transcript. You will also need your test scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement and any additional materials according to the specific program.

While you only need your transcript to start the process, your future self will thank you if you gather all the papers ahead of time. 

The application

Once you’ve submitted all required documents, it’s time to finally submit the application. A separate account must be created for ApplyWeb, the portal used to submit your application. 

The application doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting and as long as an account has been created, you can save and edit your application as many times as you want until you submit it.

The application fee is $50 but can be waived under some circumstances. These circumstances are specific to each program, so be sure to check with the program you’re applying to in order to see if the fee can be waived.

Good luck and happy applying!

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