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Letter from the Editor: The Cougar enters a new era with incoming editor in chief

Exiting editor in chief Donna Keeya. | Anh Le/The Cougar

After serving as the editor in chief for the past two years, it’s hard to believe this is my last print edition leading The Cougar. I joined The Cougar the summer before my freshman year and have loved working in a variety of positions throughout the past four years.

It’s been an honor to lead this publication for two years and I am extremely grateful for all our staff’s hard work that is the soul of our organization. As a 100 percent student-run publication, none of this would be possible without our editorial board, staff writers, photographers and graphic designers. I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of working with such talented individuals. 

Our team has been able to increase digital viewership as well as preserving the tradition of print. Creating the physical paper has been one of my favorite parts of the role, and I’ve especially enjoyed adding more character to the product through the additions of horoscopes and our advice column. 

When I initially wrote my letter as I transitioned into the editor in chief position, I identified my two goals as keeping the UH community informed about relevant campus news as well as creating a safe learning environment for students to start their careers in journalism. These are still values that I find incredibly important, and I have the utmost confidence in John Lomax, the incoming editor in chief, as he continues the legacy of The Cougar.

I can’t imagine what college would be like without The Cougar, and I will cherish the experience for many years to come. I’ve met some of my closest friends at this paper, and I can’t wait to see their careers flourish in the industry. Thanks y’all for reading. It’s been real.

– Donna Keeya, outgoing editor in chief


Incoming editor in chief John Lomax. | Anh Le/The Cougar

It’s difficult to describe the emotions I’m feeling right now. On the one hand, I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve as The Cougar’s leader over the next year. On the other, I have suddenly become acutely aware of the size 10 and a half New Balances on my feet.

Put simply, the shoes I’m stepping into are enormous. The departing members of this year’s editorial board have steered the organization through some of the most challenging times in recent history, particularly for journalists. 

Reporters across the country are struggling to uphold their commitment to the public amid division, disaster and increasing disdain toward the profession. Yet here, in a city not known for its journalists, at a school that cares more about teaching students how to spin the truth than tell it, The Cougar’s staff has endured. 

 Their legacy serves as a testament to the timeless nature of journalism. The truth, ultimately, endures. 

I cannot promise to be everything my predecessors were, but I can promise to do everything in my ability to ensure this organization pursues the truth, no matter how well hidden it may be. While the University may struggle to keep campus lit, The Cougar will happily assist by shining a light on any dark corners it finds. 

I look forward to serving the student body over the next year, and I look forward to the bright futures that I’m sure are in store for those we are saying farewell to. You will be dearly missed.

— John Lomax, incoming editor in chief

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