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New center offers LGBTQ, diversity resources

The office of the Center for Student Advocacy and Community.

The Center for Student Advocacy and Community provides additional support for students. | Logan Linder/The Cougar

Located in Student Center North, the Center for Student Advocacy and Community has taken over the role of providing the support that was previously offered by the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Both centers closed Aug. 31 in response to Senate Bill 17, which prevents public Texas universities from keeping their diversity, equity and inclusion offices open past the end of the year.

The primary goal of the CSAC is to reduce barriers that might prevent students from reaching their personal and academic potential. Some of these barriers include basic needs such as food, housing and transportation.

“This center will make available wide-ranging advocacy, a support network for both undergraduate and graduate students, comprehensive basic needs services and resources, and facilitate a variety of events and programs to foster student success, achievement, and community building,” said interim vice president for student affairs Daniel M. Maxwell.

The provided support includes highlighting student-led efforts such as Cougar Cupboard and Peeps Pantry, both which supply students with free food.

The center’s website has a variety of resources, including more information on the Cougar Cupboard and workshops they hope to create, including ones on critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

To help foster a sense of community, the center will host a variety of events to honor the heritage and culture of its students.

“I look forward to helping to cultivate that community with all students, staff, and faculty across campus, connecting students to needed resources, and helping to give students the tools they need to create the campus that they deserve,” said CSAC program manager Gracen Jinks.

Despite the closure of the LGBTQ Resource Center and the CDI, both directors are still involved. Michael Crook, former CDI director, is the current director of the CSAC, and Kevin Nguyen, former LGBTQ Resource Center director, is the CSAC associate director.

Resources from the LGBTQ Resource Center, such as the lending library and pronoun pins, are still available at CSAC.

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  • I know we’re not in the immediate UH neighborhood, but the Unitarian Fellowship of Houston deplores the closing of the UH LGBTQ Resource Center and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. We are willing to meet with your organizations to discuss how we can support your groups and their efforts off-campus.

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