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Saturday, December 9, 2023


Parking, Wudu stations discussed at most recent SGA meeting

Muslim students gathered at the Senate Chamber in support of the resolution signed establishing a task force to plan for the installation of additional Wudu stations around campus. | Courtesy of Jordan Underwood

The Student Government Association Senate Chamber erupted in applause Wednesday after the Senate passed a resolution establishing a task force to plan for the installation of additional Wudu stations around campus. 

Part of Muslim tradition is the practice of Wudu, or the ritual cleansing of certain body parts prior to prayer.  Presently, the M.D. Anderson Library basement serves as the primary location for Muslim students to gather for prayer. 

“Before we pray we wash our face, hands and feet,” said senior biology major Umama Noor. “It is really inconvenient because we have to use public restrooms on campus and other people who don’t understand our religion can get weirded out.”

 Over 20 Muslim students were gathered at the Senate Chamber in support of its passing. 

“It would be great to have a space where we can feel comfortable in our community and I’m really happy to see this being passed,” said freshman biology major Yalda Mehri. “It’s not just about religion, this is an opportunity for us to be able to share love, cleanness and kindness.”


The UH Sugar Land Shuttle Transportation Bill was read for the first time. Authored by Sen. Anahi Ortega, the bill advocates for shuttle restrictions to be postponed until spring 2024. The bill was passed on to the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee and is expected to be voted on during a future senate meeting. 

“Students who use the shuttle as a park and ride were going to be left stranded in the middle of the semester,” Ortega said. “By postponing the restriction, students will have time to find a backup plan.”

The email by Parking and Transportation Services on Sept. 12 announced that students must be enrolled in classes at both the UH at Sugar Land campus and the UH main campus to use the shuttle during peak hours. However, due to heavy backlash from students and SGA, the decision has been postponed until the spring semester and temporarily replaced by a priority system. 

“For the remainder of the semester, there will be a priority system where students who have classes at both locations will be guaranteed a seat on the bus first,” Ortega said. 


Vicente Mandujano, a graduate student, was appointed to the Student Fees Advisory Committee. During an open forum, the senate debated Mandujano’s appointment. 

“Over the past two years the student fee money hasn’t really been checked by students at all,” said SGA President Benjamin Rizk. “In the last few SFAC committees, many members never showed up for meetings, so it is important that we get dedicated students into the position who actually care about their role.”

Jesus Nieto was appointed to SFAC on Sept. 6. However, after senators realized a mistake in his appointment was made he was removed from the committee.

Clause one of the appointment procedures for SFAC in the SGA Bylaws explains that two-thirds of the Senate must vote in favor of the candidate in order for them to be appointed. With a vote of 13-11 from the Senate, Nieto had overall majority and was incorrectly granted the position. 

“Nieto did not have a two-thirds majority,” said Sen. Rhane Mason. “Moving forward, we need to make sure that we are all being diligent and reading our bylaws.”

In addition, Aryan Dhanani was appointed to the College of Business as a senator.

Sen. Risa Lizcano was appointed to the Health Center Policy Board.

Sen. Justice McClure was appointed to the Campus Sustainability Committee.

Sarah Khan was appointed to the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee.

Tasnuva Haque was appointed to the A.D. Bruce Religion Center Policy Board.

Jared Lewis was appointed to the Emergency Planning Committee.

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