Halloween events to get into the spirit of the season

Two Halloween masks, one on the left is Frankenstein's monster and the one on the right is a traditional Dracula style vampire mask

Jose Gonzalez Campelo/The Cougar

It’s spooky season at last! There’s a chill in the air and ghastly winds bringing ominous omens to all. As you start putting together your Halloween costume and hanging fake cobwebs all over your dorm, consider taking this season to the next level with The Cougar’s round-up of 2023 Houston Halloween events.

Get your spook on at a haunted Halloween house

Halloween’s nothing without a couple good scares, and what better way to test the boundaries of your closest relationships than by braving a haunted house together?

Houston’s got a whole selection of great options you can try, including Phobia’s five themed haunted attractions, Creepy Hollow (which has been voted the scariest haunted house in Texas) and the musical whimsy that is Houston Scream Fest are all great options.

And for a bonus, keep an eye on the Student Program Board’s social media, since they frequently have a haunted house or maze on campus that’s completely free for students!

Watch a frightful feature with your Halloween homies

Speaking of holding your loved ones close, the cold weather is a great chance to cower under some blankets with your roommates, family or significant other. Consider hosting a fun little movie night at your dorm or in the movie room at Cougar Place.

Or, you could take the scares outside at one of several fun show screenings around town. Axelrad is hosting scary movie nights every Monday, with one family friendly option at 7:00 and a more mature feature starting at 9:00.

Dig into some devilish delights

Halloween is the best time of year to enjoy some tasty treats! Check out local pumpkin patches for tasty pumpkin snacks and the added bonus of fun photo opportunities. Or check out one of many food-related events such as the Lebanese Student Association’s Hafla Halloween Party.

If you’re feeling crafty, consider making some sweet treats yourself! Themed cookies with fun Halloween shapes and some frosted googly eyes or fun drinks in decorated cups can be a great way to spice up any party.

Party ’til the dead rise

There’s lots of fun haunts to check out around Halloween weekend, including events at Numbers, a themed seance bar at Pop Fancy and even a spooky circus themed bar at Shoeshine Charlie’s Big Top Lounge.

While the Cougar firmly advocates for drinking legally and responsibly, there’s lots of ways to turn up safely on Halloween weekend even if you’re not the drinking type.

Consider going to on campus events like Anime no Kai’s Halloween party, which will feature a costume contest, or the Animation Club’s Spooky Painting Social for a more lowkey vibe!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you stay safe, stay spooky and make the best of the season. After all, Halloween only comes once a year!

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