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UH warns students of recent Tuberculosis treatment on campus

generamoneyl breaking news uhTuesday morning, the UH community received an email warning about a possible Tuberculosis outbreak on campus.

The Houston Health Department has notified the University and UH Student Health Center officials that a student on campus has been treated for TB, an active airborne disease. 

The event is considered to be isolated and no other students have yet shown symptoms, according to an email sent by interim executive director and chief psychiatrist for the Student Health Center Dr. Jon Rusciano. 

“The University is working closely with the Houston Health Department to identify any student, faculty or staff member who should be tested for TB infection,” Rusciano’s email said. “The Houston Health Department determines who needs testing based on the type of exposure a student or employee has had to the sick individual.”

Tuberculosis is an airborne illness that can spread from person to person if someone is infected with the disease. Typically, the bacteria is only spread if someone has spent an extended period of close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. 

If students have been identified as someone who needs to be tested, a separate message will be sent with more testing information about a date, time and location, according to the email.  

Next week, Houston Health Department officials will host an event on Nov. 28 from 11 a.m. to noon and Nov. 29 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Space City room of Student Center South to spread awareness and answer any questions about TB. 

Please be assured that we are taking this situation seriously — your health is of utmost importance,” Rusciano said. 

The Cougar will continue to provide more updates as information becomes available. 

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