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UH ABSA suspends members following allegations of harassment, racism

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According to a post made on the organization’s Instagram, the UH Asian Business Student Association has suspended an unspecified number of members and is currently investigating an officer following allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. 

Released Wednesday, the statement came just days after a user on the UH subreddit claimed members engaged in everything from sexual assault to casual racism. Though not explicitly identified as the source of the allegations, the wording of the ABSA’s release mirrors the claims made on Reddit. 

“We understand the severity of the current situation as we empathize with and will always support victims affected by sexual assault and abuse,” the statement read. “Our main priority going forward is taking action for the victims and to prevent this from happening in the future.”

In addition to suspending current members, the ABSA has also blacklisted several alumni who “neglected to consider their harmful behavior.” The exact nature of the suspensions and the identities of the individuals targeted remains uncertain as of now. 

The statement, signed by the organization’s top officers, encouraged any affected students to utilize the ABSA’s internal report system, provided through a Google Form. Further, the organization claimed to be actively conducting an investigation of one of its own officers. 

“Regarding the situation with one of our officers, in full transparency, this is an investigation we have been keeping a close watch on,” the statement read. “There are multiple conflicting testimonies that did not allow us to produce a solid result. During the time of that incident, both parties were contacted and asked if keeping a close eye with zero tolerance was okay with them.” 

In response to The Cougar’s request for comment, ABSA President Ethan Teo said the organization plans to release another update next week. It remains unclear whether or not the University has taken action against the ABSA.

Please understand that we are in solidarity with the victims impacted negatively by those affiliated with ABSA,” Teo said. “We are actively working hard to support our members who have been affected and aim to further prevent these experiences in the future.” 

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