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Get your money up, not your funny up: How to make cash as a college student

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College life often comes with a considerable financial burden for many students. From tuition and parking fees to meals and textbooks, every aspect incurs a cost that can accumulate over a semester.

For those looking to make a little extra cash, here is a list of ways to earn money as a full-time college student.

The traditional

Traditional and classic ways to earn money as a student can include cleaning houses, house sitting, car detailing, lawn mowing and babysitting. These activities require minimal time commitment and effort but can yield a decent income.

Another idea is to declutter your closet and room, and sell old accessories and clothes at thrift stores, or online sites like Poshmark

Tutoring can also be a rewarding part-time job for college students. Whether in-person or online, you can set your own hours and location, offering flexibility.

Campus jobs, University resources

Many part-time job opportunities are listed and offered on the University’s HireNSM platform. This can be a great resource in finding highly tailored and suitable jobs based on your major, resume, and career interests. In addition, the site has numerous helpful features like resume building, mock interviews, connecting you with possible employers and the ability to showcase your academic achievements. 

Whether it’s part-time positions, internships, or freelance opportunities, HireNSM strives to connect students with roles that complement their academic pursuits. Students can easily navigate through the various job categories, filter based on their preferences and explore positions that match their skills and interests. 

The non-traditional

On the other hand, if you have a car, you can use that to your advantage by renting it out to paying customers. Numerous car-sharing services like Turo or Getaround allow you to sign up and make some cash using your car. If you are uncomfortable renting out your car, try delivering food or items in your spare time through DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats.

For those comfortable with animals, online pet sitting jobs are abundant. Additionally, pet owners often seek individuals to walk their dogs, providing a lucrative opportunity.

You can also consider donating plasma, a component of your blood that carries protein and nutrients to other parts of the body. Donating plasma is safe and can allow you to earn about $20 to $50 each time.

Lastly, you can coach high school students on their college admissions essays. With your University status, you possess the qualifications to guide high schoolers through this crucial process. Offer to edit their drafts and provide coaching tips, as essay editing is a high-demand job among various student demographics, making it a great source of money.

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