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For All Cougars’ wins top seats in SGA election, senate divided

Student Government Association presidential elect Diego Arriaga (right) and vice presidential elect Austin Craig (left) of For All Cougars.| Regan Grant/The Cougar

The preliminary results are in and For All Cougars’ presidential candidates Diego Arriaga and vice presidential candidate Austin Craig have tentatively won the 2024 Student Government Association election. 

Out of 3,125 total votes for the presidential and vice presidential seats, Arriaga and Craig won by a slim margin of just 90 votes.  Arriaga and Craig received a total of 1,373 votes, or about 47% of the overall count. Student’s Unite candidates Cody Szell and Mohammad Tabbara obtained nearly 44% of the overall count with 1,283 ballots cast.

However, Students Unite won a majority of the Senate seats, giving the party control of the legislative branch for the upcoming administration. 

Taking 28 of the 44 elected seats, Students Unite secured 63% of the Senate compared to just 13 for For All Cougars. In addition, Michelle Luong, the sole independent candidate to win a seat, was elected to represent the college of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

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