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Concert Review, photo gallery: Bas

Dreamville rapper Bas brought out the vibes at Houston’s House of Blues on Tuesday night. The show marked the first leg of Bas’ tour to promote his new album, “We Only Talk About Real Sh*t When We’re F*cked Up.” Bas was joined by opening acts Hoosh, Rueben Vincent and Blxckie. The four of them made the crowd jump and put on a show fans are sure to remember for years to come. 

The House of Blues offered an ambience that was just right for the performances: sociable, serene and surprisingly comfortable despite the audience having to stand the whole time. Hoosh, a Sudanese rapper and singer who opened the show, matched the venue’s vibe perfectly. Although a lot of people didn’t seem to know him, he set the tone for the crowd with his melodic beats and unique, almost nostalgic flow. The visible emotion Hoosh displayed on stage almost left you with no choice but to bob your head and do a little groove.  

At one point, Hoosh stopped the music to raise awareness about the ongoing war in Sudan. The conflict within the country hit close to both Hoosh and Bas, who is also Sudanese. To drive the point home, Hoosh had the crowd repeat “Free Sudan” several times before continuing his set. 

Rueben Vincent, a rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina, brought the energy as the second performance of the night. Throughout his performance, he never stood in one place, which fit the flow of his music. His lyrical wordplay left the audience stunned as they jumped along to the beat. His energy was incredibly contagious and nothing short of fun. 

Coming all the way from South Africa, Blxckie was the third and final opener of the night. His style was surprisingly versatile, leaving the crowd with a little something for everyone. He started with energetic trap beats and transitioned to afro-beats by the end of his set. The switch was perplexing at first, but the crowd adjusted quickly and loved it in the end. You could tell he was having  fun as his energy never dropped even as he rapidly transitioned from one song to the next. 

Once the openers had finished, the crowd was hyped up and ready to see Bas. After about ten minutes, he came out singing “Light of My Soul,” a song from his new album. The vibes within the  crowd turned electric. The fans that were present were long time followers of Bas, something Bas pointed out as he complemented their energy. Bas wasn’t the only standout — he had phenomenal people in the background performing with him, including a vocalist, keyboardist, and drummer. With all four of them on stage, it was nothing short of beautiful. 

Bas has released music since 2011, and is currently signed to rapper J. Cole’s label Dreamville. Much like the first opener, Hoosh, Bas has a nostalgic feel to his music, almost like relaxing on a sunny summer day. As he performed, you could feel the heart he put into his songs; it was clear how much they meant to him.

He consistently interacted with the crowd and the crowd gave the same energy back, making it clear that they loved the set. His setlist ranged from his new album all the way to one of the first albums he put out: “Too High to Riot.” Bas’ set radiated with love as he constantly shouted out his band and fellow performer Blxckie, who came back out to perform alongside him at one point. 

This concert was definitely one where it was okay to relax and enjoy the moment. Everyone there only had one goal: to have fun. Bas and the other performers knew how to move the crowd and give them a good time, and it was clear that everyone left more than satisfied.  

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