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UH women’s golf finishes third at Mountain View Collegiate

The Houston women’s golf team placed third at the Mountain View Collegiate on Sunday afternoon. | The Cougar

The Houston women’s golf team placed third at 4-under at the Mountain View Collegiate on Sunday afternoon at the The Preserve Golf Club in Seabrook, Arizona.

Both sophomore Moa Svedenskiold and freshman Maelynn Kim placed tied for 11th.

In the opening round junior Hyeonji Kang led the Cougars with the least amount of swings at 2-under with three birdies. Both Svedenskiold and sophomore Alexa Saldana ended their round at 1-under with Svedenskiold swinging four birdies while Saldana earned only a single birdie.

Later that Friday afternoon Kim swung 2-over despite earning herself a birdie. Although senior Nicole Abelar earned two birdies in her first round, she finished Friday afternoon at 3-over. Playing as an individual, redshirt junior Brooke Morales had ended her round with 8-over earning a single birdie of her own.

Onto the second round of the weekend on Saturday morning, Kim had improved from the previous round now finishing her second round of the tournament at 3-under. Svedenskiold had performed the second best on the team, swinging at 2-under and swinging four birdies of her own.

Both Saldana and Abelar had earned themselves three birdies however they would finish their second round at 1-over and 2-over respectively. Kang and Morales had finished their second round at 3-over, while Morales earned herself two birdies.

Finally onto the last round of the tournament it was Kim who once again remained under par all weekend at 2-under earning four birdies. Both Svedenskiold and Kang ended their weekend at even-par with Kang earning five birdies while Svedenskiold swung three birdies. Morales finished her weekend at 1-over earning herself a single birdie, while Saldana scored 2-over with two birdies and Abelar finished her weekend at 3-over scoring three birdies of her own.

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