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Finals tips: How to ace your next exam

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It’s normal to feel anxious and exhausted at this time of the semester, especially with finals season approaching.

Here are a few study tips to manage your time during the upcoming week and avoid anxiety and stress during the days of the exam:

Take advantage of longer daylight hours

Having finals during the spring semester gives an advantage over extended daylight hours. Schedule your study time accordingly to get the most out of your study time.

Exposure to sunlight can also improve motivation and learning while increasing cognitive performance and reaction times. 

Students who get more sunlight performed better in assessments, according to a study conducted by The Journal of Human Resources and published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 2017. 

Stay hydrated

The temperatures have started to rise and it is important to keep yourself hydrated to ensure maximum focus and prevent fatigue.

Dehydration lowers concentration and impairs short-term memory. You don’t want to fall sick because of dehydration just before exams. 

Keep drinking water, and other fluids like lemonade and eat juicy fruits like watermelon to ensure the heat is not taking a toll on you.

Utilize outdoor spaces

Study outside and utilize the outdoors while the weather is good, especially during the day. Look for a quiet park, courtyard or coffee shop where you can take a look at your notes and enjoy some fresh air.

It also provides you an opportunity to get up from your study desks and move around. This will help you be energetic and reduce muscle tension.

You can also have a playlist ready as the right kind of music can also help you focus and increase efficiency. 

Have a study buddy or group

It becomes monotonous to study alone. Having a study buddy or group is a practical method that will enable you to ensure that you’re studying while also helping friends or classmates.

During your study session, study partners and groups can help you share notes, test one another and even teach each other new topics.

You can also categorize work to prioritize topics that need more attention. You can ask for help from your study partners!

Take regular breaks 

Another efficient study strategy is to take regular breaks rather than studying nonstop for extended hours of time. 

Taking breaks will help you reenergize and focus better without losing interest in the topic you’re studying. You might even take a little power nap, tidy up your workplace or perform a few breathing exercises.

Eat well and get enough sleep 

During finals, it’s crucial to focus on your studies, but it’s also important to maintain a balanced diet and sleep schedule. 

Consuming foods high in nutrients that stimulate the brain, such as dark chocolate, berries, almonds and green vegetables will keep you focused and healthy as you study.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be fatigued all the time. The chances of becoming an insomniac will also reduce if you get enough sleep.

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