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Summer break guide: Making the most of your time

Gerald Sastra/ The Cougar

Wake up babe! Summer has finally begun and it’s time to relax after finals and take advantage of this time before the fall semester begins. 

Here are a few things to do over the break to stay productive and enjoy your summer to the fullest:

Pursue a hobby

This is a great opportunity to pursue your hobbies especially because you will have no academic stress weighing over your head. You can easily concentrate on not just practicing a hobby, but excelling in it. 

During classes, it becomes easy to forget about the non-academic activities of life, so this is a really good time to devote yourself to focusing on these activities. 

Pursuing hobbies during the break will not only help you develop a new skill, but also enable you to not feel lethargic during the break. 

Find a summer course 

Finding a summer course during the break is a good way of exploring new academic interests while gaining credits. 

It’s a great method to use if you’re falling behind on your credits or if you’re trying to finish your degree early.

With fewer distractions as compared to a full-time semester, you’ll be able to focus more on the course and improve your grades. 

Get an internship

Getting an internship will help you boost your career and improve your resume. It is always better to get an internship instead of a traditional summer job because it helps you get real-life professional experience.

You will also get the opportunity to network, meet new people, build relationships and learn from their experiences. 

It will also help you identify if you want to pursue the internship as a career in the future or if you want to change your career path. 


If you’re someone who gets the feeling of fulfillment from giving back to the community and helping the needy, then volunteering is something you should definitely think about this summer. 

It gives you learning opportunities in terms of leadership, communication and organizational management. It will also boost your personal growth and help you develop skills like empathy and compassion towards others. 

Volunteering also helps you enhance your resume by showing that you are socially responsible and contribute to community development, which also helps attracts employers. 

Explore new cities 

If you like traveling, then there is no better time than summer break to explore new cities and local attractions.

Houston is known for its cultural institutions like the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Johnson Space Center. This is the perfect time to get to know Houston better. 

You can also visit nearby cities like Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to learn more about the culture, history and food of Texas. 

Take care of your health

It’s easy to forget about your health and fall into a spiral of unhealthy practices like eating junk food and sleeping in late. 

Exercise regularly and try to hit the gym or practice yoga frequently because it’ll not only help you physically, but also help you maintain your mental health.

Having a healthy life-style will help you prevent a burnout after stressful finals and help regenerate your energy.

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