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McDonald’s unannounced closure raises concerns over affordable food options

Jose Gonzalez-Campelo/The Cougar

Editor’s note: The article has been updated to clarify the reason behind Mcdonald’s closure. 

The McDonald’s in Student Center South closed permanently on May 10. The closure came unannounced as there have been no updates on the UH dining services website

Students have expressed distress regarding the decision because McDonald’s was one of the cheaper food options available on campus.

“I was not aware of the decision and just found out right now from the Cougar,” said business management and supply chain sophomore Alisa Levy. “This is something they probably should have broadcasted because a lot of people depend on it and not knowing this affects a lot of people.”

In February, the Student Government Association approved a bill for the removal of Starbucks and McDonald’s from UH amidst the Palestine boycott movementDespite these events, the University states the closure is due to contractual reasons. 

“This closure followed the expiration of the existing contract between the franchisee and Chartwells at the conclusion of this academic year, with the franchisee choosing not to pursue renewal,” said executive director of media relations Kevin Quinn.

Chartwells, the company responsible for managing UH dining services, is currently exploring new dining concepts to replace McDonald’s and is aiming to introduce new options by early 2025, according to Quinn.

Many students are not happy learning they won’t have an affordable option for a whole semester and feel UH should have done a better job informing students. 

“For many students that’s one of their sources of food, especially those who live here on campus,” speech-language pathology graduate Hannah Martinez said. “I think they should replace it as soon as possible.”

There are a few speculations about possible replacements but students like Martinez and Levy feel that UH should come up with healthier and affordable alternatives. 

“Now I will have to find affordable alternatives and go elsewhere which takes up more time away from studies and puts pressure on me,” Levy said. 

The Cougar will continue to provide updates on this issue as more information becomes available. 

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