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SGA summer session condemns UHPD Chief of Police

Juana Garcia/ The Cougar

On Wednesday, the Student Government Association held their first summer session of the 61st administration where they passed a resolution condemning UHPD Chief of Police Ceaser Moore following the arrest of two students on campus.

“It has been four weeks since UHPD assaulted students and no response from our representative body has been made. It’s a shame,” said Sen. Jesus Nieto. “A shame that leaders that were trusted by the student body are cowardly waiting for approval of administrators before making decisions that students seek.”

On May 8, Students for Justice in Palestine HTX organized an encampment at the University to call for divestment and draw attention to the Board of Regents meeting that occurred on May 15. Two students were arrested at the protest. 

“I did not partake in the act of encampment, but I was there to see what happened,” said Sen. Mohib Awan. “The way the students were violently brutalized… Let’s remind ourselves that we are in a position of privilege to be discussing this instead of being the one in the encampment.” 

Alongside passing the resolution condemning UHPD Chief of Police Ceaser Moore, the senate passed the Recognition of SGA Muslim Caucus resolution. 

During the meeting, senators also expressed a need for better communication and transparency between the executive and senate branches, especially for the executive branch to convey when meetings with administrative officials would be occurring. 

Director of Public Relations Kristal Crockett-Rodgers emphasized the importance of two-way communication and understanding that everyone has different communication styles. 

“I really want you all to understand that breakdown in communication is not personal, and that while it may not be happening with everyone, we have to give grace so that we can build this communication,” Crockett-Rodgers said. 

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