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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Peters sticks to core material in new DVD

Russell Peters is one of the more interesting comedians in the stand-up scene. In recent years, the 38-year-old comedian has performed everywhere. He’s traveled from India to Singapore to New York City, the location where he recorded his latest DVD release, Red, White & Brown.

The 78-minute DVD showcases Peters performing his racially-charged stand-up at the WaMu Theater inside the famous Madison Square Garden to a sold-out and highly diverse crowd.

Critically acclaimed for his ability to master accents of people from across the globe, Peters is relentless and shows no mercy in regards to ethnicity.’ He tackles the stereotypes of all cultures and even lays into his own, with notable material on topics ranging from cheap Indians to Louis Vuitton. One standout is his personal anecdote on the arcade-phenomenon Dance Dance Revolution, as many of us who aren’t talented in that department can feel his struggle with the game. Fans of his previous work will love the DVD, which is on par with material seen on YouTube or his 2006 DVD release Outsourced.

Red, White, & Brown does have its share of lulls. Peters tends to stall and repeat parts of his jokes afterward, seemingly buying time to prepare his next routine. Along with that, most viewers can deal without the incessant and repetitive penis-chat, which many comedians of Peters’ caliber have addressed in funnier and more innovative ways.’ It’s not a secret that some of the material on the DVD may be a little insensitive and controversial, but it’s no different from the stand-up of many other famous comedians.’

This DVD is much like Outsourced, in the sense that it’ll keep you laughing through the majority of it. Peters has remained fearless and confident in his work and that alone should keep him relevant and funny for some time.

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