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Friday, September 29, 2023

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Junior goes for strikes

Junior goes for strikes
Jasmine Harrison: So what do you like to do for fun?
Gary Scrogin: Bowl?
Harrison: Really? So what was your best game?
Scrogin: Um, a 299.
Harrison: My best game was a 38.
David Shih: Ask him what his best game that’s not on record is.
Scrogin: 300.
Harrison: Are you serious? Is that like a strike every time?
Scrogin: Yeah, that’s 12 strikes.
Harrison: And that’s without the bumpers right?

Harrison: Do you bowl here?
Scrogin: Yeah, at UH.
Harrison: Is there a team?
Scrogin: Yeah, it’s a club and we travel around.
Harrison: Is there a bowling alley on campus?
Scrogin: Yeah, the University Center at the bottom has a bowling alley.
Harrison: Wait, have I been paying for this in my tuition and I just don’t know?
Scrogin: No, it’s like a dollar a game, so it’s pretty cheap.
Harrison: Oh, OK. So how long have you been bowling?
Scrogin: About 11 years.
Harrison: Is that how long it takes to get up to like a 300 game?
Scrogin: No, you can bowl for just a couple of years and get up there.
Harrison: So what am I doing wrong?
Scrogin: I dunno, you’ve just gotta practice I guess.
Harrison: My balls usually end up in the gutter.
Scrogin: You need to buy your own equipment and stuff like that. That
makes it easier.
Harrison: Oh, do you have one of those neat balls that are clear and have stuff in the center?
Scrogin: Yeah, my bowling ball has a football in the middle.

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