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Monday, October 2, 2023

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‘Haunting’ plot engages, frightens

The Haunting in Connecticut might seem like another typical horror movie, but this assumption would be a mistake – the movie has a good storyline and consistently keeps the tension throughout the film.

The movie is the true story of the Snedeker family that reported paranormal activities that took place in the 1980s at a Victorian mansion.

The movie portrays a struggling family – a recovering alcoholic father, adopted children and increasing hospital bills, with the haunting only increasing their struggles.

Teenager Matt Campbell (Kyle Gallner) is diagnosed with cancer, and the family decides to move to Connecticut to be closer to the hospital for his treatments.

His devoted mother Sara (Virginia Madsen) tries to do whatever it takes for Matt and the family to live a normal life again. Sara opts for a house with low rent but with a tragic history – the house was once a funeral parlor and a place for s’eacute;ances.

Soon enough, odd things begin to happen and Matt starts seeing chilling images of blood and burned bodies. His family is convinced his odd behavior is the result of his medication and radiation and ignores his talk of ghostly sightings.
After some research, Matt discovers the history behind the house and asks a reverend for help.

The Campbells eventually find the true meaning of how to rid themselves of the evils, which consists of the whole family being able to feel and see what Matt had been trying to explain all along.

Gallner plays the part of the sick teenager well, with anger and confusion, and Madison plays the strong, caring, hopeful mother perfectly, creating a soft spot for moviegoers.

Although the movie is set in the 1980s, there were some anachronisms regarding fashion and technology.

Take someone with you to this movie. Although it imitates the Amityville Horror, the chill and horror factor are far greater, with twists and surprises that even the most experienced moviegoers might not even expect.

The Haunting in Connecticut is rated PG-13 and opened Friday.’

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