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Monday, October 2, 2023

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Young Love turns out mature sound

Dan Keyes isn’t your typical rock star. His former band, Recover, was an Austin-based rock band with a hard to parallel energetic fury in 2002. In 2005, the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus to pursue other projects.

Eventually these projects became Young Love, a dance, pop-rock-oriented band based out of New York. The group would sign to major label Island records and release their debut album Too Young To Fight It in 2007.

Releasing a sophomore effort from a relatively new band definitely has its pressures, but Keyes said he believes One of Us, to hit the shelves April 28, is his best work to date, mainly because of his experiences in the past couple of years.

‘It’s cliche, but it’s definitely much more mature in the songwriting aspects,’ Keyes said. ‘The melodies and lyrics are different (from Too Young to Fight It) just because I’ve learned a lot in the last few years by being able to work with different artists and things like that.’

Keyes’ recording process was much less restricted this time around. He had a lot more freedom with his sound and even got hold of one of his favorite producers.

‘I recorded the demos (for One of Us) all over the country. I did stuff in Brooklyn and Austin, and the rest of the album was recorded on the back of the (tour) bus, and a lot of the time, while the bus was moving on the highways,’ Keyes said. ‘I also got to record the album with John King, from the Dust Brothers, and he’s just a really amazing producer. Working with him was such a pleasure.’

Keyes, who came from the abrasive sound of Recovers to the heavily pop-sensible Young Love, had to find the balance between the polarizing sounds of both bands. Keyes said he felt the balance was natural and he loves writing music, regardless of genre.

‘I’ve been writing songs for 12 years now and touring for 10 of those (years),’ Keyes said. ‘I’m going to do this forever and do it as well as I can and I try to put 100 percent effort into anything I do.’

His former band also happens to be the band for the front man-centric band Young Love, whereas Recover was a band effort. Generally speaking, a side project band will more than likely have different band members.

‘There isn’t really a reason (why the bands are the same), because those are my best friends and my favorite musicians in the world,’ Keyes said. ‘I’ll always want to play music with them.’

After the release of One of Us, Young Love will headline a tour with Tigercity, which hits Houston on May 11 at Walter’s on Washington, 4215 Washington Ave. As for what lies ahead for either Recover or Young Love, Keyes isn’t too worried about the future.

‘I just like to reach out and affect people in different ways,’ Keyes said. ‘And ultimately, I just want people to love my music.’

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