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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Staff Editorial

Medina, White earn our gubernatorial endorsements

As Tuesday’s statewide primary approaches, Texans are trying to decide who to cast ballots for.

In the Republican primary, Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina are facing off; in the Democratic primary, Bill White is going head-to-head with Farouk Shami.

While all the candidates have pros and cons, The Daily Cougar sees Medina and White as the best of the five on both sides of the coin.

“I’m not a politician, and I’m certainly not rich,” Medina said in a recently released television advertisement. Medina claims to be an average citizen and, by that account, vows to pay attention to the needs and rights of the average citizen in Texas. Her support has tripled since her Jan. 14 televised debate against Perry and, because of this, we have a feeling that Texans have taken a strong liking to her.

We have, too.

Medina is a true Texan, advocating for limited government and a restoration of state sovereignty.

White, our choice between the Democrats, recently left Houston’s mayoral seat. Other than approving red-light cameras around town, while mayor, he wasn’t involved in any controversy and was well liked. He was rated by Governing magazine as 2007’s Public Official of the Year, and had it not been for term limits, White would have most likely run for a fourth term.

And he would have won.

White is a Houston favorite and an advocate for fiscal spending who promises to “squeeze the most out of every dollar, every day.” He hopes to make Texas a more productive state while allowing taxpayers to keep most of their hard-earned finances.

What Texas needs right now is a governor who will assist in its economic needs, while increasing productivity.

Medina and White each look like they are up to the task.

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