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Monday, October 2, 2023


Former ‘Idol’ finalist to debut album

'American Idol' finalist Kimberly Caldwell shows off her powerful voice in her debut album 'Without Regret.' | Courtesy of Vanguard Records

After seven years of anticipation, Kimberly Caldwell’s journey to fearlessness has resulted in her emotionally exposed debut album Without Regret. The petite blonde is proving her powerhouse chops as 2010’s rising rocker doll.

The Katy native’s valiant vocals and internally charged writing abilities has landed her as a member of the Vanguard Records family.

“I feel like I’ve jumped over to the fearless side and realized I’m not gonna hold back anymore when it comes to anything,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell wants people to know the woman outside of the season two American Idol finalist that she is often recognized as. She’s experienced immense development as person and artist since her days of Idol.

Without Regret’s title was inspired from a tattoo on her wrist and it being how she tries to live her life in general, Caldwell said.

“The message being delivered in album is don’t regret anything you’ve done,” Caldwell said. “Just move forward and know that any mistake you might have made in your life are lessons and own it.”

Her inspiration came from personal life stories and writing about how you feel as in you’re in those moments, she said. She wanted the album to truly represent her and be believable to her fans.

“(It’s about) my broken family and going through relationships, whether they be friendships or serious ones,” Caldwell said.

Fearless, empowering, emotional and sensitive is what she has come to be, Caldwell said. The album shows both the woman who is full of strength and the one who breaks down.

“I think you can be both of those things: human, feel emotion, and cry while being the girl on the bathroom floor. But I think you also have to be the person who pulls yourself back up and puts yourself back together,” Caldwell said.

Without Regret is filled with fiery hits such as rocker lady anthems of emotional scorn such as “Mess of You” and “Going Going On.” Vulnerable ballads of heartache like “Say Love” and “Frozen” offer intimate reflections of Caldwell.

Caldwell co-wrote a large portion of the album. Her favorite song on the album is “Say Love.” She had already had it in her and it poured out, she said.

“I think it’s a song that people can relate to; you put yourself in these positions, and you figure out the relationship you’re in is toxic,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell attributes legendary female rockers for her southern, raspy resonance when she sheds her soul in a track. Wynonna Judd, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt and Pat Benatar are among her favorites.

The  “Mess of You” video was filmed at the historic Roosevelt Hotel. It once served as the residence of Marilyn Monroe and the home to the first Academy Awards during the old Hollywood glam era. It is this look that is being channeled into the photos inside the album.

“Every girl in the world prepares their entire life for their wedding day, and I feel like my whole life has been preparing for my music video,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell was born with the ability to belt out a passionate performance. She has learned to embrace all her flaws and leap into unknown. Her edgy and dark persona blends gracefully with a glamorous delicateness.

“Just know I feel like you feel, I cry like you cry, I laugh like you laugh,” Caldwell said. “I have friends and family like you do, and at the end of the day, I hope that we can all just be a little bit more kind to one another.”

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