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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Encouragement can be found in the stars this week


While the week gets off to a freaky start with the celebrations of Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos, your sun sign is playing host to Mercury and Venus, who would enjoy some time spent in sweet conversation.



Everyone can take a page from your book this week. Feel free to express your individual gifts for imagination, dreamy adventurousness, and absolute abandon of concern when it comes to romance.



With the moon and Pluto inhabiting your space this week, please consider renovating your emotional fortress and consider practicing communication of your feelings.



Pisces’ ruling planet is in your sun sign for some time to come. This is an excellent period for considering how you’re fulfilling your personal emotional desires and romantic goals.



It might seem that emotional retrospection has been the order of every day for the last month or so, but this is a perfect opportunity to consider letting go of whatever weighs you down.



With Uranus in your sign for the long-haul, now is a good time to activate your rebellion-driven spirit and participate in the change you want to see. Find your mission or you will self-destruct.



Jupiter resides in your sun sign at the moment. The big gassy planet has a storm on its surface three times the size of Earth. With that being said, consider opening your third eye to three times its normal size.



Let your wild side loose in a bit of fun with a Scorpio companion for right now. Your ruling sign is hanging out with the birthday kid right now, and it might be worthwhile to explore the shadows.



Crabs are very protective and walk sideways to get what they want. With nothing in your way astronomically at the moment, try walking directly towards your goal.



With complementary Mars in your sign, take a page from the warrior’s guide to survival and follow your gut into the heat of things right now. Think before you act, but not too long. Opportunities are fleeting.



You might find yourself falling through a crack in the Earth and down into the lair of the dark lord. Don’t be afraid: it’s okay to enjoy the fruit of the season.



Don’t worry about the hard work you’re looking at every which way you turn. Keep a bright face and your positive attitude about you and the endeavors will pay off.

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