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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Study tips to avoid a finals horror story

Illustration by Alex Tomic

Illustration by Alex Tomic

Yet another school year has ended, and summer is within your grasp. You can imagine spending your days with sunburns forming on your back as you day dream about Ryan Gosling, shirtless of course, and think about nothing else while you lie on a towel next to the water.

But before you stroll on into your summer paradise, you need to, first of all, buy some aloe vera cause those sunburns are going to hurt and peel. Then, after your quick trip to Walgreens, you need to slip on back into reality and face the facts that along with the summer sun comes skin cancer. Just kidding, it’s finals. But, on a side note, you should definitely be SPFing it up.

So in order to get you through these next couple weeks, I have complied a list of some non-traditional study tips. Because, let’s be honest here, staring at the pages of your book for hours and realizing that you know nothing about that subject is getting kind of boring. And although that flower or random animal you have drawn in the margin of your notes as a result of your boredom is super cute, you need my help.

Tip 1: Get jiggy with it

Will Smith in all his infinite wisdom left you a study tip gem on his second album, Big Willy Style — turn whatever you need to memorize into a song. You know how songs will get stuck in your head, especially the ones you love to hate or swear you never listen to but in reality know every word? Well, the same will work with your study material. Just rhyme a few words, put it to some catchy beat and then your notes will be stuck in your head like every Britney Spears song ever.

Tip 2: Namaste those finals

Instead of trying to cram in more information or, you know, crying before your exam, take some deep breaths at a yoga class. It will relax your body, mind and spirit. You don’t have to be flexible, wear Lululemon or even be a vegetarian to enjoy the class. While in downward dog, all that blood flow to your brain may just help you do better on your test, or it will at the very least give you a slight head rush.

Tip 3: Become Amish

Now, this tip is not for the faint of heart, but hear me out. Until your finals are done, I suggest you deactivate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube accounts and maybe even shut off your phone and then live in a complete Amish-like state. I know it’s pretty drastic. The Amish clothing part is optional though cause not everyone can pull off a straw hat or a bonnet. But for however long your finals last, you remain Amish and study your little heart out. Then, once all those finals are over, it’s Rumspringa!

Tip 4: Be a Gamer

Don’t go firing up that Xbox just yet. I am talking about making games out of your test material. Now, drop that controller and go grab a sheet of paper, some sticky notes, a pen and then find a wall. On the sheet of paper, scribble out some questions from your review and then use the sticky notes to create a jeopardy board on that blank wall of yours. After that, you can go all Alex Trebek on that final. Invite some classmates over or go at solo. The choice is yours. Other study games include Who Wants to be a Graduate, Whose Final Is It Anyway and Degree or No Degree.

Tip 5: Get Tested

After you’ve studied for a couple hours, played a round of Final Feud, pulled a hammy dancing to your own study song and lived like your parents once had to, it is time to test yourself. Go through your notes and book and create a final for yourself. Even better, do it with a classmate with each of you making up the other’s test. This is great way to make sure these wonderful tips are actually effective for you. If they aren’t, you should probably blame yourself because you are obviously doing something wrong. Testing yourself is the best way to know where you stand with the material, find out what you need to go back and study and see if you are smarter than your classmate. Plus, no awkward trip to the health center is needed.

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