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Sunday, June 4, 2023

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‘Understudy’ reveals UK singer’s raw potential

Up-and-coming U.K. artist Låpsley packed the full force of her musical prowess into her four-track electronic R&B EP “Understudy.” A recent XL Recordings signee, 18-year-old Låpsley has recently gained popularity thanks to BBC Radio.

Soft tones and steady tempos dominate “Understudy.” Låpsley’s vocal talent overshadows the lyrics, which don’t discuss anything novel in themselves. The positive vibes and upbeat tempo of “Brownlow” makes up for some of the other themes that don’t have pleasant endings.

Låpsley’s vocal talents are best heard in “Falling Short,” in which she sings long harmonies and chop vocals. Though it lacks the synths, it still has a lot to offer with the organic percussion and piano. It’s the best track “Understudy” has to offer.

“Falling Short” may give listeners a good impression of Låpsley’s vocal skills, but “8896” sports more electronic music and best represents Låpsley as an artist. The echoing vocals, soft synth sounds and strings make up Låpsley’s exclusive sound.

In “Dancing,” Låpsley gives listeners a preview of her storytelling abilities, singing about being caught in a love triangle and unaware of what direction she’s heading in.

The young artist’s EP is impressive, considering that she signed on at 18 with an impressive record label. Each track of “Understudy” offers potential.

As an EP, “Understudy” does everything necessary to get the listener’s attention. The EP itself is not a standout, but Låpsley is, and the EP is still worth the listen as she no doubt works towards future music with more potential for her unique sound.

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