Dean Antel honored by AFA award

Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences John Antel took the reigns of UH’s ROTC program during its inception, was instrumental in the creation of the college’s Air Force ROTC program in 2003 and is now the recipient of the Air Force Association’s Houston Educator of the Year award.

Guided by the mentorship of Antel, the UH Air Force ROTC program has been the fastest-growing Air Force ROTC unit in the nation for the past two years.

"He is a leader, motivator, teacher and caregiver to the young cadets," Air Force ROTC Captain Albert Chapman said. "He is very hands on with us in helping us get more additional cadet training facilities and a budget increase due to the growth of the program."

Antel has been at the forefront of teaching military leadership principles to non-military students.

"The Air Force ROTC program is in some ways like an academic department – it teaches courses and advises students.†In other ways, it is very unique.†Much of what it teaches is about leadership. This is something that is absent from most of the academic curriculum," Antel said.

Antel’s experience with the military and the Air Force and contributions to the RAND corporation play an integral part in his relationship with UH Air Force ROTC. He also helped design the U.S. military’s all-volunteer force in the 1970s.

Antel, whose son serves as an F-18 pilot in the Navy, has been a long-time supporter of the Air Force ROTC program, though he admits the detachment’s success is one of combined efforts.

"Much of the credit for becoming one of the most successful programs in the country is the leadership of Col. Dave Mintz and Col. Phil Bossert," Antel said.

An award ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. Friday at The Gilruth Center, Johnson Space Center.

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