Solving problems requires activism

It is high time to make some serious changes. Many companies are getting the bailout bug, and if we are not careful, before you know it the majority of American industry will be taking aid money from the government and diluting the worth of their stock. So far, Wall Street has gone socialist, automakers are begging to be allowed to go socialist and now news just hit that AIG is asking for more.

It is time to wake up. Not even corporations really believe in free market, and if we allow them to continue to do what is best for their bottom line, we will be goose-stepping before long. It is just so disheartening to see this come from our administration.

All the failed policies of the past years are now beginning to bear fruit. We will have a Democrat in office, and one of the first initiatives he is speaking of is a stimulus. Is another round of President Bush-inspired stimulus aid going to really help the economy, or is it simply going to help President-elect Barack Obama’s image with the poor constituency?

Have we gone too far down this slippery slope? Are we seriously just going to ride the tide of social reform to the obliteration of free market enterprise? Is the free market a defunct idea?

This has passed the point of being a Republican/Democrat argument and has become one the nation must tackle. Cooperation and actual concessions to the other side is the only chance we have. To continue the bickering of the past is childish. We are in a spot where politicians usually fail at thinking.

It is time for us to let them know what we want. When politicians make the decisions, they do so with one election cycle in mind, and they do so with campaign cash in mind. Rarely do they do so with us in mind.

It is time to have some real debate so we know what to tell them. It is time to discuss issues without ignoring your own party’s failures whilst harping on the oppositions’.

Cougars, it is time to begin letting your Congress know what we think is better. We are less dependent on corporation money than politicians. Also, we know the real America better than those guys and gals as well. Let’s really get down to some truthful thinking and put the bickering behind us.

Khan, a political science and history junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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