Grant brings out Christian sensibilities

Contemporary Christian music superstar Amy Grant wowed her audience Thursday evening at the Fellowship of the Woodlands church. Grant made a stop in Houston to support the 20th anniversary re-release of her 1988 groundbreaking album Lead Me On.

Grant pulled out all the stops for this show.

"Nobody’s having as much fun as I am," she exclaimed, performing songs mainly from her early career. Some of them, such as "Angels," sounded like new. During the song, Grant gave a vocal solo.

Amy told the audience about her Christian upbringing. She was raised in a Church of Christ home, but at 14, she started attending another church with her sisters. At that church, her relationship with Christ became real. This experience served as the inspiration for the song "1974." Later in the show, during the song "All Right," Grant got down on her knees – possibly praying to God.

After the song, Amy told the audience "this is why it is all right" and went into the song "El-Shaddi," which is about Jesus’ death and resurrection for the wrongdoings of the world. Many in the audience sang along.

The definitive showstopper was "Find A Way." The band went all out during the song with a mini-jam session, including a sax solo and a guitar solo performed by band member Chris Rodriguez.

The audience rose to its feet, clapped and swayed at the command of Amy Grant on the reggae-tinged hit "Everywhere I Go."

At one point in the show, the lights went out. Then a guitar solo burst out into the opening lines to "Lead Me On."

Grant compared the tour to a high school reunion, the only exception being that everyone at this reunion likes each other. The touring band included some of the players from the original tour, such as guitarist Jerry McPherson.

One of the lighter moments during the concert was when band member Kim Keyes did a Cher impersonation. She started singing a few bars of "If I Could Turn Back Time."

The audience was comprised of mostly people in their late ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. One group of girls came dressed to the concert in ’80s-style clothing. It was a definite throwback to the original "Lead Me On" tour in 1988 at the Summit, which is now the site of Lakewood Church.

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