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Deadlines interrupt plans for spring break

Projects, such as building a full model within a week and a half, is what keeps architecture students occupied throughout the semester, and possibly even during spring break.

‘It’s pretty intense,’ architecture freshman Christian Sabinosa said. ‘

Sabinosa said he is looking forward to a relaxing road trip with friends, although he has heard that some professors send last minute assignments.

‘They will not be cutting us any slack,’ architecture sophomore Karesha Brown said.’ ‘They will expect sketches, plan drawings, a 1/16th model or something of the sort.’ They don’t want us to take a week off and put a strain on our work ethics before we come back to school.’

Tri Ly, an architecture junior, said that many of his fellow aspiring architects will spend spring break week on campus so that they meet the deadlines set by various professors.

‘Each professor is different. We have a certain schedule we have to be on in order to meet the deadlines,’ Ly said.

Architecture professor Bruce Webb said that students should balance their break and work on their assignments without the added pressure of an every day schedule.’

‘It’s more of a self-directed period, Webb said. Spring break is a good time to work on some challenging and innovative aspects of a design project that need time to develop.”

‘You can spend hours on a single exploration and still go out and celebrate what you’ve accomplished with friends, and not have to worry about getting up for an eight o’clock class,’ Webb said.

‘ Pending deadlines or not, students in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture are making sure to incorporate down time away from campus.’

Brown said that the student workload is necessary but the time it takes to create the projects places a strain on student life outside of architecture.

‘I myself will be gone, out-of-state, for the whole week and will not be considering architecture until I get back.,’ Brown said.

Architecture junior Lee Ricks is optimistic that the spring break workload will not be as heavy as previous years.’

‘They’re not going to kill us. I’m going skiing in Colorado.”

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