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Student escapes to small town

While many students spend spring break partying on sunny shores, Cheycara Latimer grew up spending her teenage spring breaks in Victorville – a small town in California.’

‘It was boring at times because there were parts where I did nothing at all. Here I am, a teenager going to visit my grandparents and no one my age to talk to,’ Latimer, a creative writing graduate student, said.

A small town may seem dull, but Latimer said the people you are surrounded by make a difference.

‘For me it was a good learning experience because I learned I have a lot more in common with my grandparents than I thought I did,’ Latimer said.

‘One of the best parts of the trip was when my grandparents took us to Vegas.’ It was my first trip to Vegas, and my cousin and I were teenagers, but my grandparents had given us quarters to use. We slipped in the quarter when no one was looking. We won $10, grabbed the money and ran.’

‘ Latimer said the change of scenery from her daily routine msde it hard to say goodbye to the town.’

‘I got used to being there and it was a lot better than home,’ Latimer said.

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