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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Band spreads its wings

Some UH students choose to unwind with video games or TV after school, but not Eddie Haddad.

Haddad, a political science senior, chooses to unwind by playing his guitar in front of a few hundred strangers.

Haddad plays guitar in Wings Burn Away, a local band that has been together for about three years. For Haddad, the band celebrates a given genre with a lot of twists to it.

‘I’ve heard it described as drinking a Coke with a lemon twist,’ Haddad said. ‘We love progressive music, anything that’s odd and at the same time marketable. We don’t want to be too esoteric.’

Wings Burn Away has devolved from a six-piece to a four-piece band over the years they have played together.

‘The role of being the guitar player has been left up to me,’ Haddad said. ‘I’m the only representative of playing guitar, so I have to represent it accordingly.’

Haddad enjoys being the only guitar player because he takes complete control of the guitar parts when Wings Burn Away records songs in the studio.

‘I’ve worked hard at it,’ Haddad said. ‘I feel I can trust my own judgment.’
A self-professed progressive rock nut, Haddad draws inspirations from several different areas of music.

‘Growing up, I loved thrash metal and power metal, bands like Megadeath and Iron Maiden,’ Haddad said. ‘I do have a soft side. I love smooth jazz sometimes, but one of my biggest influences is Dream Theater.’

Haddad began playing acoustic guitar at the age of 11, but said he wasn’t serious about it until the age of 14, when he received his first electric guitar.

With the time off during spring break, Haddad said the band will return to the studio to record a full-length album. With the release of this album, Wings Burn Away will have two full-length albums and two EPs recorded.

Haddad said prior to this semester, playing in the band wasn’t detrimental to his grades.

‘The past couple of semesters was a struggle,’ Haddad said. ‘The fall semester was actually my hardest semester. I didn’t have an easy class, but when I’m challenged is when I’m the most motivated.’

Wings Burn Away chose not to play shows during the school year to ensure its band members’ academics don’t suffer. This summer, the band will venture out of Houston and attempt to establish a fan base outside of the city.

‘I love it when we have a gig in Houston,’ Haddad said. ‘(Where) your fan base is more concentrated. You feel more comfortable, but it’s a risk every band wants to take.’

If given the opportunity to play with the band full time, Haddad said he is skeptical to make the decision right away.

‘We’ve had opportunities for record deals in the past, but we’re looking for the best one,’ Haddad said. ‘Our future is creeping up on us, so we have to make those decisions. If I had the opportunity now, I’d be more likely to do it, but if the opportunity comes later I’m probably not going to do it.’

Wings Burn Away will play shows in Laredo and Corpus Christi at the end of March and will return to Houston headlining April 4 at Fitzgerald’s, 2706 White Oak Dr.

The band currently has T-shirts and it’s latest EP, Wilt, on sale at all shows. Visit the band’s official MySpace at to listen to tracks from its EP.

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