Show packs Houston Room

Comedian Owen Smith had the capacity crowd ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing) in the Houston Room, University Center Tuesday for the LMAO Comedy Show.

”Practice safe sex.’ That always scared me. What does that mean? Come game time, get in there?’ Smith said.

Smith tours college campuses across the nation performing stand-up comedy.

‘I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon that’s ready to come out,’ said Smith regarding his career as a comedian.

Smith began his career at age 19 when a co-worker took him to a comedy club.

‘I made everybody laugh at work, so I tried out the comedy club. It turned out that (other comedians) were so nurturing, I knew right then that’s what I wanted to do,’ Smith said.

UH Student Program Board brought the comedy show to campus paid for by student fees.

SPB booked Smith and comedian Ronnie Jordan through the National Association for Campus Activities.

‘My favorite part about the show is that we were able to bring such a diverse audience,’ SPB President Sean Tarver said. ‘We have maybe two or three events like this per semester, and we should have a few more next semester too.’

UC Programs committee chair Audrey Hall organized an art auction to coincide with the comedy show.

UH student artists donated 21 pieces for the auction.

Works included paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media.

Proceeds of the auction will go to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

‘Some underprivileged kids don’t have access to make art, so we wanted to donate art supplies so they could have that opportunity,’ Hall said.

SPB combined the auction with the comedy show to bring more bidders.

‘We thought the comedy show would bring in a bigger crowd than if it was on its own,’ said Hall.

The audience filled every table, leaving some to enjoy the show while standing by the back wall.

Smith has toured the country for over 15 years with his stand-up performances.

He said touring tires him out, but he loves his line of work.

Performing for college students gives Smith an opportunity to try out new material, he said.

‘It’s about finding your point of view,’ said Smith. ‘I’ve been trying to open up more, but the more personal you get, the more scared you get.’

Smith has just finished shooting a pilot for a new sitcom and has a new DVD to release in May.

You can see more of Smith at

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