T.O. on your favorite NFL team?

Keith Cordero Jr.: I’m ready to watch shirtless situps

As a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan, I would take free Terrell Owens on my team any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Owens’ mediocre season last year still netted him 55 receptions, 829 yards and five touchdowns. Those are numbers any Ravens fan would take at receiver.

Baltimore’s Derrick Mason could retire and, with Joe Flacco developing into a nice young quarterback, the Ravens would be a great fit for Owens. His skill set and the attention he requires from defensive backs should free up fellow receivers Donte Stallworth and Mark Clayton.

Despite having issues with former quarterbacks Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb, Owens would bring an offensive weapon to a Ravens team known for its defense. Plus, he’d be a big target for Joe Flacco who could take the Ravens one step closer to a Super Bowl.

If T.O. signs with the Ravens, I will buy his jersey within 24 hours.

Jason Ovalle: No country for old men — especially homophobic receivers

Keith, I can see your point about Owens and him possibly helping the Ravens.

That said, the guy has a long track record of being a divisive figure in the locker room, most notably in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas and even in his latest stop, Buffalo. In the end, he threw all his QB’s under the bus and even made slanderous comments about Jeff Garcia’s sexuality. That’s not what I call a good teammate, and a young, developing QB like Flacco doesn’t need a cancer like that in the locker room.

There’s another important factor in regards to T.O. and why the gamble on him isn’t worth it. It’s the fact that he is 36 years old and will be 37 in December. He has lost a step and is no longer the deep-threat he used to be. This statement has become more evident as he did not even rank in the top 20 for receiving yards this past season.

The bottom line is T.O. is not the player he once was, and his negative antics far surpass his skill and talent level on the field, which makes him a player that a good NFL team should not touch.

Christopher Losee: Hey, the T.O. show is still prime-time viewing

Jason, unlike you, I still enjoy the T.O. show.  And Keith, it looks like you might be buying that jersey after Friday.

In his 15th season, Owens is still one of the fiercest wide receivers in the league, rendering his age of 36 meaningless.

His numbers last year were less than years before, but it was obvious that there wasn’t any chemistry in Buffalo, and it showed because they did not extend his contract.  His antics in and out of the locker room were different than the T.O. we love and hate.  I think he is maturing.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve, which has nothing to do with the fact that he can completely dismantle defenses by freeing up other wide receivers and options in the running game. He brings the confidence needed by the receiving corps in Baltimore and if anything, adds confidence to a young quarterback. If a relationship develops between Flacco and Owens, the connection will be unstoppable.

The Beard: Time to bust heads now and ask questions later.

Well, I’m back and you boys are about to wish I wasn’t.

Keith, are you serious? Owens is all about himself and will be in Flacco’s ear from day one, demanding the ball. The Ravens are built around an old-school defense and to a lesser degree, running back Ray Rice. Just go find a Brian Billick picture, make a shrine and pray for Owens to eclipse Stallworth as the biggest story to hit Baltimore since Melo’s “stop snitching” video.

Heck, while you’re at it, pray for Desperate Housewives to get extended for another decade.

Jason, I agree with your point, so you dodge my wrath for now. But be forewarned — I am in talks with Judge Dredd and we are working on installing lasers in my beard, Chuck Norris style.

Chris, T.O.’s age is anything but meaningless. The NFL is all about speed, and Owens is only getting slower. And the only thing on his sleeve besides an Ed Hardy logo and a pocket for those “he’s my quart-er-back” Lady Gaga glasses is an all-me, all-the-time attitude. The guy is the epitome of a jerk, and his game no longer supports the B.S. that he brings to the table.

For shame, rookie, for shame.

Verdict: Jason wins, and the other two are one whack opinion away from being relegated to Life and Art’s Fighting Words, where they will discuss the best look for the summer.

Facetime: I Just bought Flaming Lips Tickets for Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest at Eleanor Tinsley Park in June, should be a great time. The Lips put on a great show!

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  • He’s older and yet still makes plays. Then again he’s worn out his welcome in too many places. Therefore I will be shocked if Al Davis hasn’t already had the Raiders talking to his agent.

    Another team to watch is the Bears. The coach is starting on the hot seat. Their QB needs someone that draws coverage and can make plays. Any other teams fit on that category? A few.

    I’ll finish off with two other landing spots for Ownes. Washington has a new pass heavy coach that was able to handle Brandon Marshall. Note that Marshall didn’t throw sad tantrums when Mike was in charge. He can handle T.O. Then we have Tampa Bay. Go ahead folks – name their starting skill players. Gotcha didn’t I? Don’t worry as even most fantasy football owners couldn’t name them either. This is point at which teams will grasp at anything.

    So there you go. Ownes will go to some team that is on the edge of something. That edge of course could be on the edge of the playoffs or the edge of a cliff. Good luck to whoever takes him.

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