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SGA vice president to run again

SGA presidential candidate Prince Wilson (left) and running mate Johnnie Jackson are one of five duos competing for the top spots in the 47th administration. | Courtesy of Prince Wilson

The Student Government Association elections are underway today through Thursday, and Vice President Prince Wilson hopes to become president alongside running partner and vice presidential candidate Johnnie Jackson.

Wilson, a biochemistry senior, said he plans to bring experience and firm commitment to represent his fellow students as president.

“I’ve always wanted to make a difference, and the SGA is a great way to serve our student body,” Wilson said. “My dedication and hardworking attitude for our students will make me a good candidate for the president of the SGA.”

While serving as SGA’s vice president, Wilson said he took the initiative to bring attention to several on-campus issues.

“As vice president, I was in charge of more than 33 university committee appointments and overseeing our student members,” Wilson said. “Under my leadership, our committee members brought unique ideas to the table making sure that the student’s voice was heard.”

Among the accomplishments he listed were helping to raise the family income ceiling, which provides free tuition and fees to students who come from families that make less than $45,000 annually.

He also said he’s working with the UH Police Department to enhance safety and security on campus, in the process of implementing discounts for all summer undergraduate courses, and is removing restrictions on the number of guests per graduating senior for the reinstated general commencement ceremony.

Jackson said he is confident in Wilson’s commitment and feels he is fit to replace SGA President Kenneth Fomunung.

“He doesn’t just sit in his office, but ventures out onto the campus to meet each and everyone, listening to their issues and working towards the benefits of the students and the University,” Jackson said. “I feel, no, I know he will continue this as president and strive to do even more.”

Jackson, a French sophomore, said while he does not hold an office in the SGA, he is eager to shed light on student’s concerns as vice president. He said that he thinks his desire to help others makes him a great candidate for the job.

“My lifelong motto has been this, ‘we were put on this earth to help others, so we should do just that,’” Jackson said. “I know I will be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in delivering the student’s concerns and problems to the administration.”

Wilson said Jackson is prepared for the responsibilities of serving as SGA vice president.

“Johnnie is a hard working student leader on campus who shows his capabilities in different student organizations,” Wilson said. “His dedication, hard work, leadership and ability to speak more than nine languages will give him an opportunity to interact with a diverse group of students.”

If elected SGA president and vice president, Wilson and Jackson said one of the first issues they want to address is the lack of communication and transparency throughout the university. They also support security kiosks in parking lots, additional lighting in dark areas, more effective and efficient parking and transportation initiatives, as well as stability and predictability in the tuition and fees process.

The results of the SGA elections will be announced Friday.

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