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Saturday, December 2, 2023


Local band making moves at Avant Garden

Cadre band members Kevin Kendrick and Nathan Quick, both of Houston, performed a few songs from their

Kevin Kendrick, member of the band Cadre, played songs from the group’s new album at the Avant Garden bar before Thanksgiving break. | Lauren Mathis/The Daily Cougar

self-titled album at the Avant Garden’s bar during last Tuesday’s open mic night.

Kendrick, a guitar, banjo and mandolin player, said that the band’s music is comprised of a little of everything.

“Essentially, we play folk music, but it’s mostly world music, honestly,” Kendrick said. “Our music is also very tribal, with the drum beats along with a southern guitar style.

“You could say Cadre’s music is a lot of things put together.”

With the combination of folk, southern and tribal music that Cadre is known for, it’s no wonder the group has grown substantially since its start in December 2009.

“Well, originally there were four of us in the band,” Quick said. “About a year ago, the original four were Curran Rehm, Chris Smith, me and John Zamer. This past summer, Chris pretty much dropped out and Kevin Kendrick joined at the beginning of last summer.”

By September, after Kendrick joined the band, Cadre took on more members.

“Now we have 10 band members,” Kendrick said. “We have two female back-up singers, two hand drummers, one pit drummer, a bassist and a trumpet player. It’s pretty tight having so many of us in the group.”

Before Quick took the stage to play his guitar and sing, “Coming Home,” from Cadre’s album, he gave his perspective on being a musician and performing at Avant Garden.

“I love performing here because of the atmosphere,” Quick said. “There’s a great vibe and lots of people with open minds.

“Playing on stage is what gives me a rush, and I like to take something I’ve created and tell my story with it. It’s great to be able to share a concept or emotion with someone in an audience and have them feel what I feel, interpreted in their own way.”

UH-Downtown criminal justice sophomore Zach Mathis, an Avant Garden regular, is one of the many fans of Cadre that watched Kendrick and Quick play.

“These guys have got talent,” Mathis said. “If it is all of them on stage or just one member of Cadre, they each have what it takes to get a crowd’s applause.”

Musician, vocalist, songwriter and Avant Garden bartender Chase Hamblin performed also at open mic night.

“I have had a lot of shows with Cadre lately,” Hamblin said. “In late December, my full band that is called the Chase Hamblin Band for now, is performing here and, of course, with Cadre also.”

Though Hamblin does perform with Cadre, he still has his own style of music.

“My music is very psychedelic, very late 60s-inspired pop, rock and roll,” Hamblin said. “I am both a band and solo musician, and I have been performing most of my life.

“I put out my first album last year called ‘A Fine Time,’ and with that out, I am currently doing my solo album.”

Like Hamblin, Kendrick and Quick have their own hopes and aspirations for their album and the years to come for the group.

“I think it’s a great band for movie sound tracks,” Kendrick said. “Cadre’s music can be put in a lot of situations, and that’s why I can see our songs in movies someday.”

Still, as the group strives to reach stardom, Kendrick made sure to say one thing that he felt was important.

“I think everyone should come and see Cadre, at least once in their life.”

“Before they die,” he added jokingly.

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