Heroes spend Thursdays in Satellite

If you’re in the UC-Satellite today, stop by the Caney Creek Heroes table to check out their album and buy tickets to their upcoming show at Fitzgerald’s. | Courtesy of Caney Creek Heroes

With Fall Out Boy-inspired guitar riffs, Blink-182-esque vocals and a unique blend of lyrics and quirkiness comes local Houston punk powerhouse Caney Creek Heroes, who have big dreams and an even bigger show ahead of them.

The band’s trio of brothers David, Nick and Sebastien Fisher will be back at the UC Satellite today to promote and sell tickets for the Battle of the Bands and make animal balloons — a unique talent Nick taught his brothers.

“We are playing the Battle of the Bands at Fitzgerald’s on Feb. 20,” Nick Fisher said. “You should come see us. It’s going to be awesome.”

Based out of New Caney, Texas, the band consists of Canadian siblings: Nick, on vocals; Sebastien on lead guitar and vocals; and David on the rhythm guitar.

Also in the band are Shuja Tasin on the drums and Ivan Cagle, a UH graduate, on the bass guitar.

According to Sebastien and Nick, the band’s sound is influenced by Fall Out Boy and events that occured while they were growing up.

They have a full-length studio album, “Forgetting Yesterday,” that can be found on iTunes and is available at other online music stores.

“Nick and I write the music,” Sebastien said. “For this album we mostly used Nick’s older songs. I just changed the music.”

David described the influence he believes their music should have.

“ Our music tries to convey a positive message,” David said.“We are trying to encourage people with our lyrics. The Fisher brothers were raised in a Christian home and lived all over the globe from India and Mexico to Canada.”

After pushing through financial difficulties and finding a drummer through Craiglist, they have made a name for themselves in Texas through the Alt Texas Tour Terminatour.

The band’s plans for the future include filming a video for “Sleepless Night,” tour the west coast and record another album. The band hopes to get picked up by a record company “and get signed,” Nick Fisher said.

Caney Creek Heroes will be back in the UC Satellite on Feb. 17, to promote their upcoming shows with more music and balloon animals.

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