Senior friends fed by IABC

The International Association of Business Communicators student chapter at UH is promoting a local cause on campus by hosting the aniMeals on Wheels drive, which provides donated pet food to the pet companions of Houston area senior citizens.

“Our philanthropy event is a great way to show support in the community and involve students on-campus for a great cause,” said Maegan Clemens, president of UH IABC. “With the support of our members and the University, I feel we will achieve our goal.”

Students can help UH IABC contribute to this local humanitarian cause by donating pet food items in March.

UH IABC will be promoting this event through the entire month of March in hopes of raising 50 plus food items for aniMeals on Wheels, organized by Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston.

Interfaith Ministries’ mission is to help decrease the burden senior citizens feel when it comes to feeding themselves and their pet companions.

“Quality of life is improved with comfort in knowing that their four-legged friends are well fed,” said Madison Kenda, a hotel and restaurant management junior. “I know my young friends with pets couldn’t live long without their buddies. Senior citizens have enough to be concerned about. They shouldn’t have to be burdened with thoughts of how to feed their pets.”

“For many seniors, pets may be their only source of companionship, as many live alone and without families,” said Carolyn Canow, PharmD and UH alum. “For other seniors, pets are the only source of comfort when undergoing extensive treatment of various disease. Pets help seniors remember they are loved unconditionally and are never alone.”

In Harris County, the aniMeals program distributes about five thousand pounds of cat and dog food a month, feeding approximately 775 pets belonging to about 315 seniors.

It provides ten pounds of food per dog and four pounds per cat.

To make a donation for the UH IABC aniMeals on Wheels food drive, please call 281-671-7801 or send an email to [email protected]. A student member will collect your items on campus. You may also drop off donations personally to Professor Emory at E. Cullen Building office #129.

If you are interested in volunteering with Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston aniMeals on Wheels program, visit

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