Zombies show up humans in final showdown

Students beware — there are monsters on campus. Only this time, they’re not taking jobs as professors or filling administrative positions.

A campus-wide game of Humans vs. Zombies began last Tuesday and carried on until the final mission, which took place on Monday, resulted in a zombie victory.

Humans vs. Zombies started at Goucher College in 2005 and has infected college campuses, military bases, high schools and libraries across the globe. Gnarwhal Studios organized the game at UH and recruited more than 230 students to join the fight against the zombie apocalypse this semester.

The game began with one zombie, who was disguised as a human for the first 24 hours and otherwise noted by a bandana worn around the head. Humans were noted by a bandana worn around the arm. Players used Nerf dart launchers, socks and soft melee weapons during missions.

As the battle ensued, humans were infected by the firm touch of a zombie and had to remove their armband. An hour later, infected humans were to join the zombie horde.

In this semester’s game of Humans vs. Zombies, the undead took over the living population in the final attack.

The warm-blooded players released the cure but were too late to restore their health, which led to a loss of all human life to their brain-eating opponents.

Take this as a warning, Cougars. The next time the zombies are out to play, your brain could be on their dinner table.


  • This is an embarrassment. What are we, a bunch of kids? I expect this immature crap from A&M or Blinndergarden, but UH is supposed to have a little more self-respect than to be going around shooting nerf guns like a bunch of attention starved fresh-off-the-boat-freshmen.

    There’s a war going on halfway around the world and you want to run around giggling and laughing with plastic bullets.

    • Well it’s too bad that you feel that this is embarrassing. Personally as one of the players it made life at UH more fun and interesting. This is in no way a dis to the wars being fought over seas, frankly there have been military bases that play this game as well. Are we too grown up to have one last round of fun in our lives? I mean seriously, its not like we are actually going out and killing people or hurting anyone else in the process.
      I understand that this is new and seemingly unheard of, here is the website that will help explain everything to you so that you can better understand what it is that we are doing.

      I hope you find it most informative.

      ~A Zombie

  • This campus-wide game is CONTRIVED. It is created by government operatives posing as legitimate men in suits; Their strategy is to get as many young people as possible into the mind set of sunbconciuosly attacking other humanlike individuals different than us. It is to acheive the objective of trying to get support for the idea of real war games to keep government such operatives employed as well as be controlled by the military industry who sign their checks. Don't fall for the game – it is based upon pure ballshit. Instead, hang with your buddies and get to know your 'brother', your 'sister' and real life, without developing a skill set which emulates the intellectually challenged.

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