Organization to honor Year of the Dragon

The Council of Ethnic Organizations will be hosting a Lunar New Year celebration at noon to 2 p.m today at the UC Arbor.

Though many cultures have a lunar or lunisolar calendar, this UH celebration is dedicated to the Chinese New Year, which occurred on Monday. This new year ushers in the Year of the Dragon.

The Chinese calendar itself is lunisolar and the New Year is widely celebrated throughout China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and, of course, in the United States.

While some communities only hold Lunar New Year festivities for a few days, others keep on celebrating for 15 consecutive days, with each day having a different theme.

Traditional dishes are also eaten. Red decorations are hung. Monetary gifts are given and fireworks are lit to welcome the New Year.

UH’s CEO is funded by student fees and its goal is to spread awareness of different cultures and the well-known diversity of our campus.

This semester, the CEO will have soup cooking lessons, a Carnival of Cultures, Zuzu acrobats and more.

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