Anticipated debut album from Lana Del Rey finally out today

|  courtesy of universal music group

| courtesy of universal music group

With Internet buzz and a highly scrutinized appearance on Saturday Night Live, Lana Del Rey’s debut album, “Born to Die,” has become one of the most anticipated of the season — even if it was leaked in its entirety.

Del Rey, who refers to herself as the “gangster Nancy Sinatra,” first came to the public’s attention when her single “Video Games” and its music video went viral last year.

The Internet went into a tizzy after her nervous performance on SNL in mid-January, which NBC newsman Brian Williams stated was “one of the worst outings in SNL history.” The Web was vilifying the singer so much so that the show’s host that night, Daniel Radcliffe, came to the singer’s defense.

That incident has caused many to speculate whether Del Rey is the real deal or just another manufactured star. After today, many people will have the chance to decide for themselves. Something tells us that the general public will still not reach a consensus on Del Rey.

—source: Yahoo!News

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