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SGA senate discusses election fraud, mural

The Student Government Association further discussed the alleged fraud in the elections during last night’s meeting at the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion.

Chief Justice Taylor Kilroy said the Election Committee is watching tapes to identify who passed out petitions to a student in front of M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.

“We were actually lucky enough to have some witnesses of people giving out petitions and flyers for a specific candidate,” Kilroy said.

Civil engineering freshman Tanzeem Chowdhury said numerous emails sent to the Election Commission have not yet been answered.

“I come from a third-world country where corruption is part of their nature,” said Chowdhury, who came from Bangladesh seven years ago.

“If the same thing happens in country like this, how is democracy going to survive?”

Chowdhury said he’d like the Senate elections to follow the same voting format used for the athletics fee referendum.

“I realize it takes more money, but you guys can’t afford fraud year after year,” Chowdhury said.

“I’d rather cut things around somewhere else to ensure a fair election. I’d rather have the right people representing us.”

SGA President Michael Harding said the election scandal does not represent what the student government does for the school.

“Each year, there is always a scandal reported about SGA,” Harding said.

“Not to say that it’s okay, but no organization is perfect.”

Harding said that Chief Election Commissioner Arsalan Razakazi is “doing the best he can with the cards that he is dealt.”

Speaker for the Senate Reyes Ramirez agreed with Chowdhury about the senate needing to fix the problems that arose with this year’s election.

“It’s unfortunate if we have a person who wants to adulterate the system, but we have to deal with it,” Ramirez said.

“It doesn’t matter how many mistakes an organization makes, what does matter is what measures they take to rectify them.”


Chicano Mural

The senate also briefly discussed what to do with the mural in the University Center Cougar Den.

Several members of the senate, including Ramirez and Honors Senator Maggie McCartney, advocate preserving the mural in its original location.

“We are in support of preserving history and keeping an important piece of art where it is,” McCartney said. “Regardless of how much money it’s going to cost.”

Other senators were concerned with the costs associated with this solution.

“If we do move it, I feel it is irresponsible keeping it where it is,” said Rani Ramchandani, speaking for Jared Gogets.

The senators eventually decided to wait until the next meeting before taking any action on the bill.

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  • It really is a shame that voter fraud has even come as an option. I spent days outside campaigning for each vote and have the sunburn to prove it. I thank my friend, Tanzeem, for having the courage to make a statement about it to us last night. Regardless of if I am reelected or not, I've already formed a group of senators to work on reform of the election process and rules.

    • Truth is McHugh worked the hardest during this campaign and he really didn't have to beat anybody. Harding's COS isn't exactly the most difficult opponent to face. At all. Cards fell into place for him. If he had to face Harding or Premjee again, he'd lose again. If he faced Gogets, he would've got ran over by stadium supporters. Can't be mad at a guy who works hard.

      • You should probably read the comments below then… Is it considered "hard work" if all you're doing is finding new ways to break the rules? I mean, really… 35% of voters voted for him in the general election?

  • racist? Jesus Christ. what mural are you looking at? This mural was painted by Vietnam Vets and "Uncle Sam" (which i'm guessing is what you have beef with) in the mural is skeletal because he was denying civil rights to minorities. that's all there is to it and that's history. I wish UH's own students would look into it a bit more than at face value and jump to conclusions about a work of art. save this mural. celebrate diversity.

    • Has the university even said its going to be torn down? I've seem press releases saying that UH is committed to preserving it. What is all the fuss really about??

    • It is a work of art, but that doesn't mean that it represents us as a community. Hispanic people represent a large portion of our population. I'm not against preserving it, but the $3 million dollars could be better spent creating a new image of the unity of our entire student population: Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, & all variations.

      • Where are you getting that it's going to cost 3 million dollars? That was not stated anywhere in the article.

      • Also, concerning the mural, there will be a meeting Tuesday March 20th for anyone who would like to show support, room 323 in Agnes Arnold Hall. Any questions or concerns can be sent here: [email protected]

        I think there are a lot of people that don't understand what this mural is about, or how it is still applicable today. It would do you good to go look up the history of the mural.

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