Student DJs spin R&B, electronic

“Drop Box,” one of the shows on UH’s student-operated Coog Radio station is hosted by computer information systems major Ashton Vaughn and his friend Omari Cato on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 11 p.m.

“I always wanted to DJ and be a radio host,” Vaughn said. “As soon as I saw this opportunity I grabbed it.”

“Drop Box” consists of a variety of music.

The predominant sound during Vaughn’s segment is electronic, with a twist of old school R&B and occasional hip-hop music.

“When it comes to hip-hop, I tend to gravitate to the boom bap and electronic indie styles,” said Vaughn, a passion-driven graphic designer.

“To me, the boom bap is reminiscent to the golden era of hip-hop, the style I grew up on.”

Some of the artists Vaughn enjoys listening to are Allen Stone, Kendrick Lamar and the Black Keys.

The show aims to educate and inform music fans by sharing the background of each artist that it airs on the radio.

Cato contributes by bringing a different style to the show.

He assists Vaughn by helping him with the technical duties of compiling playlists as well as sharing his ideas and knowledge about electronic music on the air.

“Besides just playing music I like hear, I like playing music that people don’t realize they’ve been hearing all their life; the original music where vocals, beats and lyrics are taken from to make the songs we hear on the radio,” Cato said.

Vaughn and Cato entertain their listeners by informing them about the background stories of how artists are gaining fans in the underground scene.

“I try not to play songs that sound too common, I want listeners to appreciate the variety of music that exist,” Vaughn said.

In order to create a connection with his listeners, Vaughn ends his show by signing off the air with a short self-written poem.

“I wanted to end the show with a personal touch so my listeners will know who I am,” Vaughn said.

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