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Mobile app doesn’t sync

UH Guide, a UH app by the Student Government Association that was originally meant to be released by the first day of class, may not be available any earlier than November.

“Currently, we are fine-tuning the language of the (request for offer),” said Stephen Cronin, Student Government Association speaker of the Senate.

“We are extremely excited to see what bids we get back; we have approached some really awesome companies.”

The app was delayed because of a lack of appropriate responses from companies, Cronin said. Preparations have already been made for what will be included in the app, though.

“The main features are going to be university safety alerts, campus events,” SGA President Cedric Bandoh said.

It will also provide maps to campus locations, restaurants and shuttle bus routes as well as weather updates, UH photos and Twitter updates from UH President and Chancellor Renu Khator.

“There will also be something with academic services where students will be able to check their grades, maybe some time next semester,” Bandoh said.

“Also, there will be something with the shuttle bus services. You’ll be able to track where the buses are and when the next one is.”

According to Bandoh, the new bids for the app were received Aug. 20, but they were not available to him initially.

“We are hoping to get it (running) in the middle of the semester, but this depends on how fast the developers can get it done,” Bandoh said. “We are hoping to see it up and running by maybe October.”

The app will be unveiled in parts, with each being released at different times over the course of the next semester or two, Bandoh said.

“Because this is the first I’m hearing about it, I don’t really have any feelings about it,” biology senior Shakeem Iyamah said. 
“But if I actually take the time to download it, I do think it could help. It’ll help me with organization.”

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