Christian artist raps to the choir

Houston-native Christian rapper Lecrae released his sixth album, “Gravity,” with his independently owned label, Reach Records.

The 15-track project was highly anticipated, and once released, had no difficulty grabbing the top two spots on the iTunes hip-hop and rap charts in early September.

“Gravity” is eye opening, captivating and almost radical in a sense.

The entire album focuses on lifestyle and priority changes, being unashamed to profess faith and not being afraid to be different or unorthodox while representing Jesus Christ.

The title track, featuring singer J.R., analyzes grim realities many people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but emphasizes they won’t last forever.

“Falling Down,” featuring Swoope and Trip Lee, points out that everything has to come to an end and raises the question of whether people are ready.

Featuring Mali Music, “Tell the World” is a beautiful declaration of one’s dedication to spread the gospel and share their testimony.

“Fakin’” is a must-hear satirical anthem with Thi’sl that depicts the lyrics and subject matter of secular music with negative connotations and unrealistic representations of the artists who perform the music.

One of the more frank lines is, “They say they riding Bugattis, man, put some babies through college. / Quit tryna’ act like the trap is cool, ‘cause we tired of hearing that garbage.”

The track “Mayday,” featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Ashthon Jones, expresses the daily struggles that are faced and the necessity for one to swallow their pride and ask for assistance. “Help is just one prayer away” is its central theme.

Other artists featured on the album include Pro, Mathai, Novel, Rudy Currence, Sho Baraka and Reach Records’ artists Andy Mineo and Tedashii.

The album is untraditional even for gospel-rap because of its hard-hitting, it’s-time-to-wake-up messages.

The production quality on this project is fantastic, and “Gravity” will have an impact on the lives of its listeners and is the album to hear regardless of musical taste.

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