Paying homage to the home of Cougars

Everyone has his or her own favorite memory at Robertson Stadium. The stadium, which opened on Sept. 18, 1942, has hosted American Football League Championship games, an NCAA Track and Field Championship, countless concerts, and most importantly in our eyes, UH football.

Throughout the season, we had the unique experience and honor of covering the stadium during its final go-around. Before the final game, we spoke with Beth Robertson — the daughter of Corbin J. Robertson — senior players and coaches to provide a tribute worthy of UH’s home.

Inside, you’ll find features ranging from the stadium’s top 10 UH football moments to who Robertson was and why both his family and he were so drawn to UH Athletics.

Like so many fans that recount their memories of top 25 finishes, Southwest Conference Championships and the Heisman trophy winning season at the Astrodome, Robertson Stadium is equally important in Cougar lore. It is the venue where when the program was on its deathbed following a winless 2001 season, it was remarkably resurrected by names like Art Briles and Kevin Kolb.

Then came Case Keenum, who picked up where Kolb left off and a decade after a 0-11 season, led the Cougars to 11-0 in Heisman candidate-like style.

Whether your fondest recollection of Robertson Stadium is a Saturday game day with family and friends, a record-breaking performance or something else, we hope this issue rekindles those memories and justly pays homage to the home of Cougars.


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