Fat Tony discusses second album

Fat Tony's "Smart Ass Black Boy"

Houston-native Fat Tony will be touring the country for another seven months as his second album, “Smart Ass Black Boy,” releases on June 11. “My favorite music bands are my inspirational heroes,” Fat Tony said. “They keep me going, and I hope my fans can find me relatable.” | Courtesy of Fat Tony

UH Media studies alumnus is releasing his second album, “Smart Ass Black Boy,” on June 11.

Anthony Obi, or Fat Tony spent two days writing and four days recording the album. The album title was inspired by a hat worn by Beastie Boys’ DJ Hurricane in a book about Def Jam Recordings.

“What’s different (about this album) is the fact that I wrote (it) in a short period of time, which made it more cohesive. I talk about more important things, and I share more stories. It’s like a continuation and growth from my first album,” Fat Tony said about his upcoming album.

Fat Tony explained how leaving Houston helped inspire innovative songs.

“Traveling brought different experiences, so I was naturally inspired,” Fat Tony said. “I’m too comfortable at home, and it makes my writing stale. I get new ideas from traveling and meeting new people.”

In several songs, he mentions pro-choice and gay marriage equality, unlike popular rap topics — sex, drugs, cars and money.

“I’m not heavy on politics, but it’s important to represent yourself,” Fat Tony said. “I don’t do drugs or have enough money to rap about it. I base my songs on experience, and I never exaggerate too much because I think it’s most important to be myself.”

A sentimental song, “Father’s Day,” is his first song detailing the relationship with his parents.

“In my career, my parents weren’t supportive at first, but the more they see me work hard for it, the more they believe in me,” Fat Tony said. “I’ve wanted to make the song for my father for years, and it was actually a totally different song at first. I revisited the lyrics and made the beat first.”

His new album features Stunnaman, Tom Cruz, Old Money, Kool A.D. and other rap artists he has befriended, but he described his journey into the rap world as an uphill battle.

“Getting people to pay attention to me was tough,” Fat Tony said. “Sometimes, if you don’t have the image, people close the door on you. It still happens, but I try to focus on music instead of worrying about those things. I put the negativity far back in my mind.”

In November 2012, he released a single from his new album, “BKNY,” that has reached more than 30,000 views, and in March, he premiered a second single, “Hood Party,” that has been played more than 100,000 times on Sound Cloud.

“Social media is every cornerstone of an artist whether it’s radio, MTV or Facebook,” Fat Tony said. “It’s essential to be hands-on with these social medias, and it helped me solidify relationships with my fans.”

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