Q&A: Director of Opera Duck, Buck Ross

With “What’s Opera, Duck” opening tonight at the Mucky Duck, come out and join the Moores Opera Center’s new season with a fun evening of musical theater songs directed by Buck Ross.

The Daily Cougar sat down with Buck Ross, the director and founder of the Moores Opera Center.

The Daily Cougar: What is “What’s Opera, Duck” about?

Buck Ross: It is simply an informal evening of favorite arias and musical theater songs performed by our upper-class undergraduate and graduate students. It gives a chance to see our performers up close and to also meet new and upcoming stars of the program.

TDC: What is the story behind the creation of this opera?

BR: One of our graduate students, Abigail Levis, was a waitress at Mucky Duck. The nightclub often sponsors fundraising concerts for various groups around town. It turned out to be a perfect match and is an eagerly awaited event by many of our patrons.

TDC: What can the audience look forward to as far as the musical theatre productions that students chose to sing songs from?

BR: Students will be performing songs from “Hamlet,” “My Fair Lady,” “Wicked,” “Les Miserables,” “Beauty and the Beast” and many more. You will have to come out and celebrate with us to find out what other productions students chose.

TDC: Why is this program taking place at the Mucky Duck as opposed to the Moores Opera Center?

BR: We like the informality of the venue. It puts everyone at ease — both the audience and the performers.

TDC: How long has this production been running?

BR: We have been doing the program every year for four years now.

TDC: What has been your favorite part of directing this opera?

BR: My favorite part has been getting to see unexpected talents of the performers.

TDC: Has there been anyone else co-directing this opera?

BR:  My teaching assistant, Grace Brooks. She is a doctoral student in voice and has been helping a lot.

‘What’s Opera, Duck’ premiered Tuesday evening at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck at 2425 Norfolk St.

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